Vascular Program

Reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke through lifestyle management.

Blood Pressure

Do you want to learn ways to improve your heart health? We can support you in modifying the risks for your heart.

This one-on-one health teaching program is offered to our Primary Care clients with one or more identified risks for heart attack or stroke.

  • Learn to monitor your blood pressure at home.
  • Learn about effects of sodium on your heart.
  • Make the connection between risk factors and improved cardiac health.
  • Assess your lifestyle for nutrition, physical activity and stress factors.
  • Set goals to improve your lifestyle.
  • Learn about heart-health, stress management, the effects of improved physical activity and healthy eating.
  • Monitor your blood pressure, waist circumference, weight, over the course of a year.
  • Early referral to specialized health professionals as required.
  • Access smoking cessation support.
  • At home Blood Pressure Monitoring Program.
  • Connect with community resources.

This program supports the SE LHIN's Cardiovascular Clinical Services Roadmap initiative and promotes early identification and intervention for clients at risk for heart disease.