Tweed Community Garden

Develop your gardening skills and improve food security in your community.

Community Garden

Could you or your family benefit from free, fresh local produce?

The Tweed Community Garden is always looking for new members, no matter what your past gardening experience may be.

This hands-on experience teaches you the skills to successfully plant and harvest a summer Garden. Our Garden is located at Moira Place. Each spring residents at Moira Place start our seedlings for planting in late May.

  • The Tweed Community Garden promotes community involvement and food for everyone. The garden is run by the people who use it.
  • Grow food for yourself and members of the community who are in need. Members are asked to contribute one hour each week to maintain the garden and in return pick the food that is ready for their own use.
  • Provides donation to the Tweed Salvation Army Food Bank.
  • Bring your whole family to participate in this healthy, rewarding experience.
  • Support food security in our community.
  • This program is entirely supported through community donations of seeds, tools, soil, storage shed and expert advice. Thanks to everyone who helps to make this community program a success.
  • Community Kitchen can teach you more about how to prepare and preserve the produce grown in the garden. Each year our Community Kitchen will showcase one of our garden crops. e.g. "Cooking with Butternut Squash".

Grow a Row for the Tweed Salvation Army Food Bank

If you already have a summer garden, we invite you to grow an extra row. Harvest the produce and donate it to the food bank all summer long! Drop off your garden produce every Wednesday morning at The Salvation Army Food Bank to support food security in our community.

For More Information

Contact our Dietitian at 613-478-1211 for details or to become a member.