Mental Health & Wellness

Mental health is a key component to overall health and well-being.

Individuals are happier, more resilient and more likely to succeed in school, work and life when they are able to cope with stress and manage the ups and downs in life.

Reasons to seek help are varied and range from mental health to relationship issues.

Mental Health & WellnessThe goal of our services is to help individuals achieve the greatest possible capability and pleasure from life. Staff work with clients building positive perception about one's self and building knowledge and skills to take control over their own lives. If you have concerns with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, history of abuse, family relationships, grief and other issues that affect your sense of well being, we can work with you using a variety of approaches geared to your specific problem and learning style.

Please follow these links for detailed information on services provided and how to make an appointment to see one of our providers.

  • Social Worker/Therapist
  • Community Development/Outreach Worker
  • Psychiatrist

Programs for children and youth:

Programs for adults:

For access to mental health and addiction information and/or crisis counseling on a 24/7 basis, please contact Open Line/Open Mind or 310-OPEN (6736).