Infants & Preschoolers

Community Programming for infants and children promotes parent/child bonding, child development, language development, consistent routines, positive child management skills and improved family relationships

The Early Years 0 to 6 years of age

Mom and babyOur Early Years RN and Registered Early Childhood Educator, in collaboration with our Primary Care Team, work one on one or in a group setting and also deliver specialized programming to provide consultations and support to parents and caregivers and their infants, and children.

Group programming provides a safe, welcome, supportive and educational environment where young children and their parents can meet on a regular basis. Parent and child activities focus on the physical, mental and emotional health and development of children. Play is an essential component to every child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Children are provided with a stimulating environment with play-based learning materials where they discover, create, pretend, explore, build, and learn. Parents have an opportunity to share their parenting experience in a social environment, while allowing their children to interact with others, learn, and play.

Activity and program plans that support the infant and child development are provided. Educational courses and support to promote healthy parent/child interactions are also available. There are no fees and groups are open to all families with children ranging in age from newborn to six years old.