Education & Literacy

Every child learns differently and successful learning requires focus on the individual. By unlocking each child's potential, there is an increased opportunity to achieve academic success and acquire skills for a healthy life.

Education and literacy

Children's early experiences with books and reading can help improve school readiness and set them up for success later in life. Exposing babies to books and reading increases vocabulary, making it easier for the child to learn to read, and it offers opportunities for positive interactions with the adults in their lives. Early exposure to language, whether through books, works or songs, can help prevent problems and promote health. These children are more likely to develop the necessary abilities to learn and to become more motivated to learn.

Playgroup and Cradling Arms programs at Gateway are focused on giving parents and their children a warm and supportive environment to come together for play-based learning activities. Staff work with parents to teach them how to collaborate with their child using simple learning exercises, such as reading a book painting, drawing, and playing with numbers. The first years of childhood are considered to be vital for the development of numeracy and literacy skills. Children under the age of five have the best opportunity to absorb the basic skills needed for future success.

Programming is focused on providing a structure for early learning through evidence-based activities. Parents learn about targeted essential skills, concepts, and tools and are given a package of materials that they can take home for continued learning throughout the week. A strong home learning environment prepares the child for more complex concepts and studies once they reach school.

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