What is Crisis Intervention?

Crisis counselling provides:

What is crisis intervention?Education. Crisis counselling provides information; activities and structure that will help us recover and move past the crisis.

Observation and awareness. A crisis in our life can be the result of low self-awareness or not recognizing the impact our behavior has on others as well as the impact it has on our selves. Increasing your awareness can lead to choices that promote recovery and wellness.

Discovering and using our potential. Every crisis represents an opportunity for personal growth and to discover our highest potential and true self.

Understanding our problems. It is the fundamental intention of all people to do the best they can with the resources and abilities they have during a crisis. During any crisis, it is important to recognize or discover our true and deepest self.

Creating necessary structure. The most important aspect of crisis intervention and counseling is to provide a safe and supportive environment that will allow us to express, explore, examine and become active in ways that help insure the crisis is not prolonged.

Challenging irrational beliefs and unrealistic expectations. Few people, during times of crisis, have the necessary skills on their own to fully examine what they are thinking, what they assume, and what they expect from themselves and others.

Breaking vicious cycles and addictive behavior. Vicious cycles start with behaviors that are intended to avoid or escape emotional pain, but ultimately these avoidance and escape behaviors create more problems or the same problem we are trying to avoid.

Facing fear and emotional pain. A crisis is usually a time of fear or sadness. How we respond is important. When we face the darkness in our life, and we are not destroyed by our fears, or sadness, we eventually discover that we can survive. People in emotional pain need to be empowered and supported.

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