Chronic Disease

Nobody wants to have a chronic long-term illness. Unfortunately, most of us will experience two or more of these conditions during our lives. At Gateway CHC we work with you to teach you how to live a healthy life with a disease. These diseases may be heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, emphysema, arthritis, mental illness or one of a host of others which cause you to lose physical conditioning and experience fatigue. In addition, they may cause emotional distress such as frustration, anger, depression, or a sense of helplessness.

A healthy way to live with a chronic illness is to work at overcoming the physical and emotional problems caused by the disease. The goal is to achieve the greatest possible physical capability and pleasure from life.

Chronic DiseaseGateway’s community-based chronic-illness self-management and disability-prevention programming is targeted toward health enhancement and senior wellness which incorporates disability-prevention strategies, with health/lifestyle coaching, patient education on the self-management of chronic illness, and fitness. Clients continue to receive their usual medical care from their Physicians and Nurse Practitioners and work together with the Community Health Team including our Dietitian, Social Worker, Community Development / Outreach Worker and Health Promoter to help develop a health action plan and to act on that plan through exercising, changing dietary habits, learning about your medications and understanding more about your medical conditions and how to manage them, learning how to talk to your doctor, and engaging in other activities designed to improve or maintain your quality of life.

Gateway offers health related classes on a number of topics that focus on managing chronic health conditions for health empowerment by encouraging you to take charge of managing your chronic conditions by obtaining health education and choosing a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to enable you to feel empowered and motivated to change.

Programming offered at Gateway includes: