Diabetes Cooking Class

Who can access Gateway's Programs?

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How Foods Fight Diabetes

 Workshop is offered on Wednesdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm

 January 15: Understanding Carbohydrates

 January 22: Effects of Proteins and Fat

 Location: Gateway CHC, Room 001

                41 McClellan St, Tweed

Living healthy with Diabetes doesn’t  mean eating a boring and restrictive diet!

This FREE hands-on cooking workshop will show participants how to prepare simple, healthy meals that include a variety of flavourful ingredients.

The workshop runs for two consecutive Thursdays and includes a cooking and information component.


Registration is required

Please contact Nadine Campeau at 613.478.1211 x 228 for more information and to register.


Did You Know? 

Eating a balanced diet can help lower your A1c by 1-2% which is similar to results from taking two diabetes medications without the expense or risk of harm.